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Wow customers with 24/7 video chat support, effortless troubleshooting via screen sharing, and personalized training.

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Never Leave a Customer Hanging

Live Video Chat Support Outside Business Hours

Integrate Knock Knock for live video chat support. This allows customers to connect with a real person, even after hours, for urgent questions or complex issues.


Implement a chatbot to handle basic inquiries and common issues 24/7. Customers can get answers to frequently asked questions, schedule appointments, or request information.

My computer crashed late on a Saturday night. Panicked, I remembered the Knock Knock option on my service provider’s website. Within minutes, a technician was connected via video chat and helped me diagnose the problem remotely. I had my computer up and running again in no time! This service saved the day and instilled a lot of trust in my provider.

John Smith

Satisfied Customer

Technical Troubleshooting Made Easy

Real-Time Screen Sharing

Customers can share their screens with your technicians during a video chat. This allows for a clear visual understanding of the problem, eliminating misunderstandings and facilitating faster diagnosis.

Remote Support

Technicians can guide customers through troubleshooting steps in real-time, visually demonstrating solutions and resolving issues quickly and efficiently. This reduces the need for on-site visits and streamlines the support process.

Knock Knock has significantly improved our first-call resolution rate for technical issues. The ability to see our customer’s screen during video chat allows us to identify and solve problems quickly, leading to happier customers and a more efficient support team.

Mike Jones

IT Support Manager, TechSolve Inc.

Personalized Training & Onboarding

Tailored Training Sessions

Connect one-on-one with customers to address their specific needs and learning styles. This personalized approach ensures a deeper understanding of your product or service, maximizing its value for the customer.

Interactive Learning Environment

Video chat fosters a more interactive learning environment compared to traditional static guides. Customers can ask questions, receive immediate feedback, and confidently navigate the product or service.

Knock Knock has transformed the way we onboard new students to our online learning platform. We use video chat to conduct personalized training sessions, answer questions, and provide real-time support. This personalized approach has significantly improved student engagement and platform adoption within our online courses.

Dr. Garcia

Professor, State University

User Interaction Before Video Chat The Consultant’s Secret Weapon for Winning Clients.

Customers browse freely, knowing help is a click away. User Interaction unlocks sales by offering support on their terms. Customers can get immediate, personalized support with a single click.

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