Nurture leads effectively, convert more prospects, and achieve lasting success.

Re-engage, answer questions, and showcase value – all efficiently through real-time video calls.

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Re-engage Dormant Leads with Personalized Video Chat

Initiate Proactive Conversations

Identify website visitors who haven’t completed a purchase or haven’t interacted with your website in a specific timeframe. Reach out to them proactively through video chat to rekindle their interest and remind them of the value you offer.

Tailored Follow-Up

Leverage visitor data (browsing behavior, downloaded content) to personalize your follow-up conversation. Address their specific needs and interests, demonstrating that you understand their challenges and have the solutions they seek.

Before Knock Knock, our lead nurturing campaigns relied heavily on email, with mixed results. Now, we use Knock Knock to initiate personalized video chats with dormant leads. This human touch allows us to re-engage them, address their concerns, and significantly improve our lead conversion rates.

Sarah Lee

Marketing Manager, Growth Solutions Inc.

Knock Knock Down Conversion Barriers

Resolve Objections in Real-Time

Connect with website visitors who express hesitation through a chat box or haven’t completed a purchase form. Through video chat, you can answer their questions directly, address concerns, and remove any roadblocks that might be hindering their decision-making process.

Provide Clarification

Use screen sharing features to visually demonstrate product functionalities or walk them through specific aspects of your service offering. This immediate clarification builds trust and increases their confidence in your solution.

Knock Knock has been a game-changer for qualifying leads. By addressing questions and overcoming objections through live video chat, we can identify high-potential leads much faster and move them through the sales funnel more efficiently.

David Chen

Lead Generation Specialist, Acme Corp.

Share Valuable Educational Content

Interactive Product Demos

Showcase product features and benefits through live video chat demonstrations. This interactive approach allows for real-time questions and provides a deeper understanding of your offering compared to static product descriptions.

Personalized Webinars & Tutorials

Host targeted webinars or share pre-recorded tutorials through video chat. This allows you to share valuable educational content specific to the lead’s needs, positioning you as a trusted advisor and resource.

Knock Knock has transformed the way we onboard new students to our online learning platform. We use video chat to conduct personalized training sessions, answer questions, and provide real-time support. This personalized approach has significantly improved student engagement and platform adoption within our online courses.

Dr. Garcia

Professor, State University

User Interaction Before Video Chat The Consultant’s Secret Weapon for Winning Clients.

Customers browse freely, knowing help is a click away. User Interaction unlocks sales by offering support on their terms. Customers can get immediate, personalized support with a single click.

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